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I’m Paschalis, a Software Engineer/Sysadmin guy, currently working for Sigmia in Greece.

I love designing, building, and maintaining systems, and have experience in both academia and the industry. I also rant/blog on

I got my first Ubuntu Live-CD when I was 13 or 14 years old, and have been in love with Linux, console applications and programming ever since.

Also Vi > Emacs fyi xD


During the past few years, I’ve been embracing the console culture more and more. I really like Bash as a programming language, and would like to use Bashercises as a way to spread Bash awesomeness, learn even more from the community, and as an opportunity to use new tech.


I love websites and applications that are slim, fast and minimalistic (<3 the Unix Philosophy).

This site is composed of simple static pages. It’s hosted on AWS, and built using

The content is written in plain Markdown in a custom-made Hugo theme. What happens is every time a commit is pushed or a branch is merged upstream, Hugo automatically rebuilds the website, and the resulting static pages are copied to and served through an S3 bucket.

My personal blog still uses Jekyll. I don’t have any affiliation or strong preference for Hugo over Jekyll, Gatsby, Pelican, Hexo, Next or whatnot. I wanted to use something in Go, and up to now, Hugo has been a charm. Easy to get started, easy to understand, and blazing fast.

I’m not much of a designer, truth be told. The frontend HTML/JS/CSS are a result of trial-and-error, some Codepens, and old-fashioned Bootstrap/JQuery. I’d rather keep the frontend relatively stable, easy and polished and produce some more quality content, than spend time building a shiny wasteland.


Big thanks to the following people who have contributed and helped with testing and proofreading.
If you’d like, take a minute to look through their stuff as well..!